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Point Blank Episode Reaction
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Moz is so excited ...like a kid in candy store when he gets the music box...and Peter “no shushing for you” LOL! He did that to Neal too in “Need to Know” and somehow he does it so nicely it doesn’t come out condescending. It’s cute how he bickers with Moz too. This show is all about relationships.

So the code is old...hmm...guess that could be intriguing...wondering where they will take this. Better not be something totally lame and contrived. Really just want the Burke and Caffrey show to hit the road again :P It could be older, but since the box disappeared in 1945 and seems to be tied to the Nazis... maybe the code is a geographic location for some Nazi stash...like the art, jewels and money that supposedly got looted during the war. Hmm.

Peter doesn’t like El’s quiche!  Satchmo is such a Daddy’s boy...

Peter telling the kids to settle down...haaa...I have image in my head with Jones as Batman. Mmmm.

Peter would view his agents like his “kids.” With Neal being the spoilt youngest sibling hee hee...

I can do whatever I want with you. Gahhhh....Peter you slay me.  The D/S fanfic writers out there will probably go nuts.

And Neal’s face then...like he’s trying not to cry because a) he’s so close to getting Fowler and he’s frustrated at being held back from his revenge for the sake of someone else’s rules, and maybe even more so because of b) he knows he’s betrayed Peter’s trust and the thought of losing Peter’s trust in him is more painful than he thought it ever would be. It’s like he’s never been able to trust anyone for such a long time, maybe all his life and he’s only learning what real relationships are like now, and that they really are based on mutual trust for them to work.

I don’t think Neal had planned out what he wanted to do when he finally faced Fowler. He saw the gun and he hated that he was considering using it. Question: where did he get the bullets??? Moz was totally caught out when he walked in to find the bullets on the table and the tracker on June’s dog.

That dog is so blinkin’ CUTE. Just like everything else on this show. And its name is Bugsy Siegel. LOL!

But how did Neal get the anklet on poor Bugsy? Is it adjustable? Neal’s got real skinny ankles. And gawd. His hands as he fits in the cherub key. Such beautiful hands. Long elegant fingers. Perfectly manicured. There is no part of this man that is not Dionysus-gorgeous.

Very sweet gun trick with the metal detector. Jeff Eastin said they took it from “A Fish Called Wanda.” Gotta say Matt Bomer is fantastic with these little tricks, from the pickpocketing to the hat roll and this little gun flip. Wonder how many takes they needed to get that just right! He makes it look effortless.

Why didn’t Peter just break down the door?? Doesn’t the FBI break doors all the time? He and that museum guy looked like the world’s biggest putzes trying to jiggle the door handle FOREVER.

Neal going all 3 Musketeers-like and swinging on the silk banner and crashing in through the glass. Go Neal! Matty did his own stunts on that one...how cool is that. And there’s an awesome video on the USA website showing the behind-the-scenes footage. *love*

Ohhhh the ANGST during the showdown. I thought my heart might stop from the tension.

The connection between Neal and Peter here! Peter seemed to know that once he could get Neal to look at him, he’d be able to make Neal give in. Neal just isn’t a killer. His hand was shaking, the anguish on his face so clear. He wants revenge but is so conflicted about it. He loved Kate so much he was willing to give that part of himself up to avenge her. Thankfully Peter talks him out of it. Peter was so terrified for Neal when he heard the window breaking and the gunshot go off and so worried that Neal was going to throw his life away by killing Fowler, even though he’s well aware Neal has conned him yet again regarding the music box theft. This sort of mirrors last week’s episode, where Neal is terrified for Peter drinking the armagnac with Kent even though he’s just learned that Peter had the music box all along.

The thought occurred to me that if Neal Caffrey was going to use a gun, of course it wouldn’t be just any gun. It would be a gorgeous antique silver pistol, a classy and beautiful weapon. And he can use the thing just as well as the shot gun, blowing up the vase on the mantel after flying into the room through the glass windows.

Peter got Diana to cuff Neal, (poor guy...he looked so dejected) and take him back to FBI HQ, but I thought the whole incident with Fowler was supposed to be under the table? And standard Bureau procedure for apprehending escaped felon in possession of a firearm is to let them stalk around the conference room with the supposed victim sitting opposite from them? No repercussions with the Marshalls about the anklet key? Do they know he has it? And is Peter going to bend the rules and conceal the presence of the pistol?

Not yet feeling much sympathy for Fowler...maybe eventually. Yeah, yeah, he’s also a pawn in this mess and he’s lost everything. But he was MEAN to poor Neal and made his life hell for a year. They’ll probably use Fowler to sacrifice himself in a later episode. I’ll rethink my position on him then.

Kate...planned for the plane to explode...guess she’s not entirely stupid....but I still don’t quite get why she stopped visiting Neal in prison, prompting the stupid (utterly romantic) prison break and why she couldn’t just show up at his apartment the moment he got out....was Fowler holding her? If so, how did she leave notes at Central Station and wine bottle messages in apartments?

I was struck by the scene with Peter, Neal and Fowler at the FBI, and how they are three men who are so desperately in love with their women and willing to do anything for them (awwwww). One of them has just been luckier than the other two guys. Peter has been on Neal’s case regarding revenge vs. justice, but of the three of them in that room, he’s the only one who hasn’t had to personally choose between the two. I remember the conversation Peter had with El in the pilot where she asks him “so you wouldn’t have broken out (of prison) for me?” and that seems to be the deciding factor for Peter to accept Neal’s offer to become his CI consultant. In the international pilot, apparently there was an extra scene (JEALOUS!!) where Neal asks Peter why he agreed to the deal and Peter tells him it’s because El thinks he’s a romantic. Love that. So anyway, Peter wants Neal to be satisfied with justice, but no one’s taken El away from him yet, though he can probably imagine what torment Neal’s been going through when he thinks of someone killing El in front of him, and I think he tries to tell Neal that in the van.

Why didn’t White Collar get any Emmy nominations? Matt Bomer really should get one next year for sure. The calculation, the desperation, the devastation, the anguish, the longing, the fear...so marvellously portrayed. It’s like poor Neal hasn’t actually let himself grieve for Kate and finally shatters in that scene in his apartment.

I hope this show goes on for a long time but I know all good things must come to an end someday. After that, I hope Matthew Bomer goes on to bigger and better things than a relatively small-ish cable series. He deserves it! He’s a phenomenal actor who just happens to be the most beautiful man on the planet!!!!

Moz...oh Moz...I totally let out a broken little wail at the end when the new baddie shoots him. Some sick twisted part of me was kinda hoping that Peter was going to burst in to rescue Neal after the guy shoots him but Moz...shooting Moz is like...(someone else described it as) shooting a puppy! I did love how both Diana and Peter were suddenly so anxious for Neal when they think he’s the next target. I really do think Diana and Jones care for Neal too.

Someone will probably write an AU for this where Neal really does get shot instead. Especially since we have FOUR, yes count them, FOUR, blinking months to wait till the next part of the season will be shown. I have the feeling I’m going to overdose on fic to keep me afloat to the point where I can’t keep the canon straight in my head. It has been known to happen. Sighs. What will I do till January? Maybe I’ll actually write the backstory to the scene I posted last week, though I feel (irrationally) bad about traumatizing poor Neal even more.


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